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The Leopards Martial Arts School together with students from the Scorpions Club both based in East Ham -London, held a course for under 1 6ís.The instructors were Shihan George Scarrott 7th Dan FSMA, Sensei Roger Khan 4th Dan, Sensei Mike Yates 4th Dan and Sensei Tim Sinfield 1st Dan. Some of the topics covered were self-awareness, self defence and also a discussion on bullies and the effect they have on their victims, which had good feedback. 

At the start of the course Shihan Scarrott talked about the history of Aiki≠Jitsu, which as usual showed his experience, knowledge, and great rapport he has with children so they can understand all aspects. A short warm-up followed, then the students showed their break falls. 

Then we went on to self-defence techniques, which all the students enjoyed with Shihan Scarrott getting them to do combinations of techniques. 

During the 15 - 20 minute break for refreshments, students talked to all the instructors and asked various questions after which it was back to training. 

All instructors helped students with techniques and their posture so they could improve. They were also tested on their knowledge of Japanese terminology. A discussion on bullies followed with Shihan Scarrott getting a couple of students to act out parts of bully and victim which proved very effective with a lot of students asking even more questions. 

The course finished with a game, which in itself was another way to get students to improve their break falls. All instructors, students and the parents who watched enjoyed the day, which was rounded off with a presentation of attendance certificates. 

I would also like to congratulate some of the students who recently graded: Leon Rose - Orange belt; Arjun Bahra, Dalvir Bahra, Tanvir Rayet, Mustufizer Rahman and Etwal Teja - Yellow belts; Sandeep Puaar, Bhupinder Puaar and Farhudal Islam - Red belts; as well two adults: Davinder Bahra and Grazvydas Juzonis - Red belts. A special thanks to my students who are doing little sponsored events to help raise money to buy new mats. 

Mike Yates 4th Dan

 The 6th British Open Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu Tournament was held in September on the Wirral, Liverpool. A group of students from the Penson Street Dojo, Wigan visited this event which consisted of Various Kung Fu contests: Male free sparring (full contact), Female free sparring (semi-contact); traditional and international hand forms; beginners internal and external forms; weapons forms; Wing Chun forms and Chi Sau; Tai Chi hand forms, weapon and pushing hands and Junior forms. 

The tournament aimed to promote Chinese culture and show that Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu) is multi-faceted and has more to it than just the fighting element. The event also hoped to foster greater relations between England and the Peoples Republic of China and to enhance channels for trade and culture. 

A good day was enjoyed by all with special interest taken by our students in the kickboxing bouts. An interest was expressed to organise extra training in this form. The result being that Sensei Roger Khan was invited to spend a couple of days in Wigan concentrating specifically on kickboxing. This short course was thoroughly enjoyed (???!) by those attending although by the end of the gruelling sessions it seemed they were only too pleased to have survived the course!!




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