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Kiai Yamabushi Ryu Training Program 2000


This years' training program has been devised to offer a broad spectrum of our syllabus. We would like to draw your attention to each course in advance; we would suggest that all students bring the following weaponry to each course:-

Nunchaku, Bokken, Hanbo, Tanto, and on the specialist weaponry courses, students should approach their Sensei for any relevant books, videos, or handouts so that they come to the course prepared and motivated.

We strongly recommend that students bring a folder, A4 paper, and a pen to take notes. Participants for Advanced Training, i.e. Black Belts, should assist at club level by encouraging students to prepare in the week before. Our seminars are special occasions and you should treat them as such.

Over the following year we intend to cover the majority of the syllabus, so please bring your syllabus along. in January, there will be weapons training both North and south, followed by the course in May on Bo, Jo, and Hanbo.

There are two International trips planned and of course, Glastonbury, our annual pilgrimage to the farm. As you all know, this course is not to be missed and is always very special. If you have any questions on the above, please contact Sensei Terry Hall on 0941 201662.

Finally, we have two gradings this year and participants should ensure they arrive properly in a clean, ironed Gi, with their Budo Pass and the relevant essay and copies for each examiner.

Shihan Jo Biggs.


Events for Year 2000





Weapons Day Kenjitsu & Iai-Jitsu  South - Sandy, Bedfordshire; North - Wigan, Lancashire.  January (Last Weekend)
Teaching Weekend  North - Wigan, Lancashire. February (Second Weekend)
Grading - Black Belt 

South - Brentford, London.

March (Second Weekend)

Portugal Aikijitsu - Intensive with Shihan Scarrott. Portugal April (Second Weekend)
Weapons Day Bo, Jo, Hanbo South - Sandy, Bedfordshire; North - Wigan, Lancashire. May (Second Weekend)
Ireland Ireland June (9, 10, & 11th)
Self Reliance Gun Ryaku, Hekojitsu (as syllabus) essential for all Black Belts (Please bring own sleeping bag). Frensham Ponds July (Last Weekend)
Glastonbury Tai Jitsu, Kobu Jitsu, Aiki Jitsu, plus Healing Arts. Training all weekend. Glastonbury

September (Last Weekend)

Grading - Black Belt North - Wigan, Lancashire. October (Second Weekend)
Christmas Course Ju Jitsu, Aiki Jitsu South - Brentford, London. December (First Weekend)


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