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These were held at the Shugenja Dojo, Atherton, Manchester although Iím sure that for those students being graded they DO NOT need reminding! It was certainly a Day to Remember! As Mike Yates writes: ďWell about the gradings, congratulations to all those who passed, I personally found it very knackering and was getting quite tired after about three hours. 

One of the things that got me was the abseiling, no, got it wrong, some nut (ha! ha!) got us jumping off a building and break falling on concrete I wonít say what was going through my mind at the time, needless to say some people may have had their ears burning. 

The last hour (seven hours by this time, I think, canít remember!) I was totally out of stamina and ready to collapse, but I was determined to finish, Jaimie and Andrew McDonald-Brown also Roger Khan gave me some words of encouragement, after all is said and done, it was a very enjoyable day. 

I would also like to thank Shihan George Scarrott 7th Dan F.S.M.A for all the time and encouragement plus advice he has given me in the past year. 

Just a few last words - first to the people who organised the tea, coffee and snacks - it was a good selection, also to say congratulations to the person who designed the Dan grade certificates, they did a nice job. 

From a spectator point of view, it was quite a sight to watch these students who were certainly put through their paces and towards the end were not only physically exhausted but mentally and emotionally as well. They had been pushed to the limit and then beyond! When the individual certificates, etc were awarded, some students were in tears (I might add I was fairly close myself - Ed) but as many commented later, they felt humbled by the awards they had received. 

As you all know essays form an important part of the higher-grade examinations. A selection of these have been included in this issue, with further ones which were submitted for this particular grading to be published in later newsletters. 

Congratulations! to all the following students who were successful in their gradings: 


4th Dan  Mike Yates     Roger Khan                                 
2nd Dan Fred Barrett     Andrew McDonald-Brown     Jaimie McDonald-Brown
Shodan Chris Suk     Tim Sinfield
Shodan Ho Gareth Mundy     Richard Gillies     Colin Campbell     Stephen Hulme
1st Kyu Joe Chick     Toby Humphry 
2nd Kyu Peter Houghton     Christopher Ferry     Derek Porter     Julian Donaldson     Dale Walsh            Gareth Walsh        David Yates


Special awards from Adam Vile to: 

Kevin Redstone     Shodan     Michael Redstone     Shodan

 A special surprise was the award of 5th Dan to Adam Vile who also received a commemorative plate to mark the occasion. Congratulations, Adam!


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