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Events So Far

January saw the first of our monthly courses in Wigan and simultaneously in Sandy. Jamie spent the day putting the Wigan contingent through various cuts and thrusts and did a brilliant job producing a number of budding musketeers or buccaneers. This was the final course to be held in Penson street as we now have a permanent dojo in Library street where all subsequent courses will be held.

February we must thank Adam and Jamie who put together and taught various aspects to those attending the first and second part of the on going teacher training. A special thanks must go to Dave Brough who gave up his weekend to teach on the course and made it much more interesting, with his different approach to teaching. We must not forget the duo George and Carol who gave a health and safety talk on the wobbly nobbly bits

March the grading this time took place in Brentford and the Wigan contingent traveled down by minibus arriving with time to spare, it was nice seeing all the old faces again. After a grueling 6 hours grading with some excellent teaching be Renshi Steve Moxey, Renshi Roger Khan, and Renshi Mike Yates, the certificates were handed out and a special unexpected 4th Dan was awarded to Sensei Terry Hall.

Photo of Grading

The Irish course in June is now full and we need the balances in by the end of April.

Picture supplied by Sensei Warren Dickerson


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